With one of the highest spires in the country, St Wulfram’s church dominates the skyline of Grantham.
Right at the heart of the historic centre of Grantham, neighbouring the King’s School and Grantham House,
St Wulfram’s has been a centre of pilgrimage and worship for 900 years.

Image: Copyright Lincolnshire County Council


The stunning medieval architecture, which has been celebrated throughout its history by some of Britain’s finest artists, houses a spectacular interior which retains features from every stage of its development, from its Saxon origins marked in the stonework, to strikingly beautiful modern stained glass.


While Victorian ideals of propriety may have limited the function of church buildings to worship, this has not always have been the case. Throughout its history St Wulfram’s has been a centre for the community, holding fairs and markets, festivals and concerts, and providing shelter and solace to visitors and locals alike.
Building on this rich heritage, InvestSK are working with the St Wulfram’s Partnership to support the development of their ambitious Sacred Space, Common Ground Project.


The vision for the project is ambitious – a once in a century regeneration programme, which will make the church better equipped to serve the Grantham community, and wider South Kesteven.


A substantial reorder of the church will reveal and restore some of its hidden gems, as well as add new facilities and make the building accessible to all.
As well as furthering the ministry of the church, this will allow the St Wulfram’s to provide a much needed community venue, for all of Grantham.

In addition to this, St Wulfram’s is aiming to transform under-used areas of Grantham, including the creation of a community hub, which will contain education space, rehearsal space for the spectacular St Wulfram’s Choir, a desperately needed community venue, and a social enterprise café which will provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for vulnerable people within the community.