Heritage is not just about the past, it plays a key role in our present and our future. Tangible, built heritage is part of the environment we live in, and is a resource worth protecting. Intangible heritage, is central to our culture, communities and the way that we view the world.


As such utilising the heritage of South Kesteven is a key strand to the regeneration plans for the district.


InvestSK is developing and supporting projects which aim to interpret, celebrate, conserve, progress and rehabilitate the heritage of the district, growing the distinct sense of identity and place in our market towns and rural communities.


Heritage regeneration is a crucial driver for social, economic and cultural development and growth – attracting business, creating jobs and providing opportunities to cultivate skills.


As well as working on district wide initiatives, InvestSK is offering support and guidance to community groups working on heritage projects.


If you’re working on a project related to the heritage of South Kesteven, and would like to discuss how InvestSK can support you, please contact us.