New Sources of Funding for South Kesteven Community Projects

Two new funding sources for community projects in South Kesteven have launched.

Neither are exclusively aimed at heritage projects, but both aim to support projects which will benefit communities within the district.



LotterySK launched this week as a fun and simple way for local community groups and charities across South Kesteven to raise money – and their profile.

Groups and charities which register as good causes each receive a free page on the website, marketing support, and crucially 50% of the revenue from each ticket sold on their page.

There are no admin charges and the money raised for each group goes directly into their bank account each month.

An additional 10% of the ticket price goes to a general pot for South Kesteven.

To find out more – including full terms and conditions, how to register as a good cause, and the support available see


Greater Grantham Pitch Pot


The Greater Grantham Pitch Pot will hold its first event on the 23rd August 2018 at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham.

Following a very simple premise the Pitch Pot is a fundraising and networking event which brings together community groups, charities, entrepreneurs, established businesses and other members of the community.

All funds from ticket sales for the event will make up the fundraising pot for the evening with attendees able to donate £10 – £25.

During the event groups give five minute pitches about their project, describing what they aim to achieve and how it will benefit the Grantham area. After the pitches the attendees will vote on the best pitch, and whoever tops the poll will receive 100% of the pot.
The only requirement for pitching is that your idea is of benefit to the Grantham area.

While only the winners will leave with the cash, the opportunity to network and raise the profile of your project should not be undervalued, that one person you need on your team might just be in the room.

Tickets for the first event are available here

Further events will be held monthly until the end of the year, and quarterly from then on.

To register to pitch at the event contact