HeritageAlive! Grants 

Do you find the heritage in South Kesteven an inspiration, and want to share that with others?
Do you want to celebrate and inform about a local person, place or event with permanent interpretation?
Do you need to carry out some emergency intervention to protect, preserve or conserve a building, archive, artwork or artifact – or make it more accessible?


The Heritage Alive Grant Fund seeks to highlight and celebrate the built and cultural heritage of South Kesteven, through projects which seek to inspire engagement with heritage, interpret the heritage around us, or intervene to protect, preserve, or make our heritage more accessible.

It can also help to fund feasibility studies and digitisation projects.

Grants of up to £4000 are available, across three funding tiers dedicated to Inspiration, Interpretation and Intervention.

The funding process has been kept as simple as possible, please refer to the guidance documents at the bottom of this page for full details, including deadlines for applications.

Heritage Alive! Inspiration Grant
Grants of up to £500


Fund Closes 16th March 2019


This fund is open to any project which seeks to inspire, educate or engage people with any aspect of the heritage of South Kesteven.

For example, this could be a community group organising a lecture series or a school local history project.  An oral history project which records the memories or knowledge of members of the community, or funding for a heritage based community event.
The event does not have to be directly related to the heritage of South Kesteven itself, for example, a community group or school could arrange a talk on ‘Understanding Historic Buildings’, which could be quite generic, but would allow participants to better appreciate their local environment or care for their homes.

Applications are welcome at anytime.

Heritage Alive Interpretation Fund
Grants up to £2000


Fund Closes 16th March 2019


This fund is open to projects which involve the interpretation, commemoration or celebration of the heritage of South Kesteven.

For example, this could be the installation of a plaque or interpretation panels, research into the history of an influential local individual or group, or piece of public art which celebrates local heritage. It could also include projects which seek to improve accessibility to interpretation materials, such as audio guides, handling exhibits or video tours.
The project must directly relate to the history or heritage of South Kesteven, and must result in a tangible, publicly available resource.

Applications are welcome at any time.

Heritage Alive Intervention Fund
Grants of up to £4000



Fund Closes 31st January 2019


This fund is open to projects which seek to conserve, restore, preserve or improve physical access to significant buildings, artworks, documents or objects.
For example, this could include funds towards the repair of a church window or roof, or the installation of ramps or hearing loops, the digitisation of documents or archives to make them available to the public, the restoration of a memorial or work of art, or installing preventative conservation measures to protect a collection.

Funding will be prioritised towards projects for which intervention will prevent further deterioration of the building or object, or which will provide for greater and more equal access.

Applications for funding towards feasibility studies for large scale projects will be considered.

The project must directly relate to the heritage of South Kesteven, and should result in a tangible outcome. If funding is given towards a feasibility study, the final aims of the project should produce a tangible outcome.
Funding will not be given to new development, such as adding kitchen/ toilet facilities.