Anyone wandering down Westgate to the Market Place in Grantham cannot fail to notice the impact of the shop front improvements which have been taking place.

These are thanks to a successful partnership scheme between South Kesteven District Council and Historic England.

Shop front regeneration has a powerful effect on a town, reducing vacancy rates, supporting existing businesses – and new ones, and encouraging  people into town centres.


The Partnership Scheme in Conservation Areas (PSiCA) has been running in Grantham is now in its fifth year, providing funding for the repair and reinstatement of historic shop fronts in Grantham’s Conservation area.
Focusing on Wide and Narrow Westgate, and the Market Place – with shops on the High Street also eligible to apply, the programme aims to restore or reintroduce historic or traditional features to shops, preserving and regenerating the built environment.


Reinstating the historic proportions creates a welcoming and elegant shop front

Before (above) and after (below). Distracting clutter gives way to sophisticated celebration

The project is led by Valeria Passetti, architect and heritage specialist, who works with SKDC and Historic England to identify successful applicants, overseeing architects and contractors who design and deliver the restoration.

Grants of up to £20,000 are available for repair and up to £25,000 for reinstatement of historic features. The grant will cover between 60% – 80% of the project costs, depending on the work required.

Shop fronts are designed by architects with experience in historic shop front design, based on the remaining historic material, nearby shop fronts, archive evidence, historic photographs, and to conform with the Grantham Shop front design guide.


Participants in the scheme are able to select their own architect, providing they have experience in historic regeneration, and the requirements for traditional shop fronts.


Works are carried out by expert contractors skilled in the use of traditional materials, and experienced in the repair and reconstruction of historic buildings.


The scheme forms part of a wider heritage regeneration in Grantham, and across the district – revitalising market towns, uncovering hidden heritage
and supporting the local economy.


If you are interested in applying for the scheme, downloadable guidance notes are available at the bottom of this page.


The Process