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Listing and Scheduling are ways of protecting and preserving some of the most significant elements of built heritage.

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Across South Kesteven there’s heritage worth shouting about. In every village and market town our heritage is literally set in stone, but it is more than simply the buildings around us that make the heritage of South Kesteven so special. It’s also the stories of the people who have lived and worked here, who shaped the unique character of the district’s vibrant communities and environments.

Sir Isaac Newton was the most famous pupil of Grantham’s Kings School. More recently, Britain’s first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was born in the town and Britain’s first policewoman served here. The original Guildhall was made up of three buildings- a Ballroom and Courtroom, a Governor’s Residence and a Jail. Now it houses a lively Arts Centre and the Tourist Information Centre.

At the heart of Grantham is the parish church of St. Wulfram with its soaring 282ft. spire – one of the most important town churches in England. A Town Trail of Grantham is available together with guided walks giving an insight into by-gone days and local history.